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About Us

Six Sigma Star Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a New Delhi based healthcare consultancy providing services in almost ALL areas of healthcare sector namely, Hospital planning, operations and Management, Medical Education, Quality Accreditations – NABH, NABL, JCI, Blood Bank and Blood Storage Center, Medico Legal Management, Cost Control and Material Management, Pharmacy Planning and Management, Green Field and Brown field Hospital/Medical College Projects, Marketing and Branding, Engineering Services and Facility Management, Human Resources Management, Medical Records management, Knowledge Management, Hospital Information System (HIS) etc.

We work closely with the client and health planners in order to produce a fully comprehensive and affordable healthcare system and prepare a sustainable model by building healthcare service practices which are designed for the future.

Six Sigma Star Healthcare is associated with majority of top healthcare groups. A core team of dedicated and experienced experts is focused towards creating world class healthcare facilities with Hospital & Healthcare Planning, Administration and Management, Medical Education, Quality Accreditations, Medico-legal systems, Healthcare Materials and quality in healthcare at its core.


  • To achieve excellence in HealthCare Operations, Planning, Management, Medical Education & Accreditation throughout the Globe.
  • To become the ‘Talent Magnet’ in Hospital & HealthCare Management.
  • To Boost Medical Education in India.
  • To tackle shortage of HealthCare manpower Worldwide.


  • To make a difference in everything we do.
  • To do everything on or before time.
  • To deliver quality & do more than what the clients expect.
  • To bring the power of our advice & the strengths of our relationships to create enhanced value & wealth for our clients.


The logo of SIX SIGMA STAR HEALTHCARE symbolizes the philosophy of the Company. It is a mix of bright and vibrant colors of the rainbow in consonance with the diverse religions, communities, peoples, cultures and languages – indicating “unity in diversity” like that of our great and vibrant country “India”.

A closer study of the colors chosen for the logo would reveal that they are symbolic of the philosophy, qualities and characteristics the Organization has aspired to follow.

Yellow is representative of knowledge, learning, concentration, persuasion, charm, confidence, joy and comfort. Yellow as in, ‘Sunshine’ signifies joy and peace (sunny disposition and hope). It also relates to mental force, clarity in perception, understanding, confidence, curiosity and practical application of wisdom. Yellow relates to those who demonstrate more concern for others.

Red is the color of blood and is associated with life – health and strength. It signifies vital forces, energy, passion, anger, courage, self-confidence and action.

Together, Red and Yellow supplement each other – both physically and mentally and are a perfect fit for as important a service as health care.

Green epitomizes fertility, success, energy, growth, rejuvenation, ambition, luck and finances.

Gold is a symbol of sun, male energy, wealth and financial wisdom, conscious mind, attracting happiness, vigorous activity and intelligence.

Quality Hospital and Healthcare Management requires more than all of the above qualities for one to be successful as an able and effective manager who gets satisfaction and enjoyment in serving the sick and needy. It further requires a team of equally committed and dedicated persons from diverse areas and backgrounds. Hence a rainbow of chosen colors to aptly describe the ethos of the Organization and all qualities jointly required for efficient and effective hospital and healthcare management aptly illustrates the logo of the Company.

Our Philosophy

The Six Sigma Management philosophy has become a crucial factor in organizational growth. Six Sigma has been used to address many of the most common challenges facing healthcare, including patient safety, technology optimization, market growth, resource utilization, length of stay and throughput. In some cases, it has been used to focus on a specific department or process, and in other cases it has been implemented on an enterprise-wide basis to achieve a cultural transformation.

As the global voice and leader in the quality community, Six Sigma has established reputation in healthcare industry with a focused approach of brining high standards in Healthcare Management.

Our Objectives

  • Our Job is to build a healthy nation.
  • Continue to be a customer champion.
  • Become a ‘Talent Magnet’ in HealthCare.
  • To create heroes in every role.
  • Develop ‘best-in-world’ solutions for local problems.
  • To be No.1, globally-admired company in Hospital & Healthcare Management.
  • To give 100% in whatever in do.

Our Beliefs

If you Plan for one year- Plant Rice,

If you Plan for 10 years- Plant Trees,

If you Plan for 100 years- “EDUCATE MANKIND”

  • In future, Hospitals will come & Hospitals will go, but only those Hospitals will survive who have a reliable backup of Medical Education & Training.
  • Like theory is blind without practical experience, knowledge is worthless without application.
  • Winners do not follow others footsteps, they create their own.
  • Leadership comes from the quality of one’s vision & ability to spark others towards extraordinary performance.