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MDP: Master Class on Hospital Management

Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj


Six Sigma Healthcare understands that your job, as a TOP MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL is critical and your challenges unique. Helps you get a 360 degree view of your healthcare business and gain real time feedback from management experts.

An intense 18 year action-research into the nature of learning and thinking, achieved by interviewing Top CEO’s, over 100 CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, doctors, psychologists, brain researchers and spiritual leaders. This path-breaking research reveals that each person has a unique ‘essence’ or DNA which, when tapped, clarifies purpose, evokes passion, unleashes leadership and harvests creativity. This process is called ‘igniting one’s natural genius’, which will help you devise action steps to transform your organisation.

Most of our leadership theories are largely based on the image of ‘the Leader as a General’ – leading his troops in a planned, predictable world where instructions are obeyed, and strategy is king.

The MDP – Master Class on Hospital Management equips you to thrive as an effective leader in a complex business environment by developing a 21st century mindset and the ability to lead change.

The pressures on today’s top line managers are relentless in terms of expectations from patients, senior managers, external suppliers and their staff. The contributions of these managers have a direct impact on the quality of products/services that the customers receive. As a top line manager, you need an array of managerial and interpersonal skills to cope with these pressures and still ensure impressive results.

Program Content’s

  • Latest Management Trends
  • Strategy Management in Healthcare
  • Team Work, Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership is Action not position
  • Harvard Case Studies
  • Listening as a Leader
  • Managing by Inspiring
  • Latest in Healthcare Quality
  • Your Leadership Journey
  • Leading Change & Performance Management
  • Know Yourself – Real life case Studies
  • Networking and Building Social Capital
  • Negotiation and Decision Making
  • Persuasion and Influencing
  • Social Styles – NLP
  • Finance for Non- Finance Professionals
  • Communication and Conflict
  • Flexible Thinking
  • CSR – Innovations & Creativity
  • Executing Vision
  • Connect – Nurture – Grow

Key Concept

Understanding your role – Through this programme you will gain a clearer understanding of the top line manager’s role and purpose – how to approach work and make decisions, keeping in mind larger goals and organisational processes. You will also explore the fundamental differences and overlaps between leaders and managers – understanding how you are currently positioned, and gain clarity on what you’d like to be perceived as, and how to get there.

Leadership coaching to help transition into senior management roles.

Cultivating Success

Leading a team takes skill. This programme aims at helping you build a framework around team management, to make your work more efficient. You will gain a deeper understanding of knowledge and techniques in the areas of relating styles, prioritisation, performance management, team-building and managing conflicts. This understanding is channeled through interactive activities with your programme peers, hinged on listening tests, persuasion simulations, and other experiential activities.

Anchoring to Improvement

Constantly improving yourself and your team is integral to organisational success. Stepping into leadership relies heavily on 360-degree feedback to regularly hold a mirror up to you. You will gain insights on your own strengths, areas for improvement, and your unique comparative advantage – something you should capitalise on to be a better version of yourself.

In an era filled with unlimited information and knowledge, it is important that managers are able to assimilate the information they receive and be able to integrate it to inspire productive outcomes. Unfortunately, learning is equated with the accumulation of knowledge rather than the understanding of knowledge. In the corporate world of today, it is essential to foster the ability to understand and integrate learning into our daily experience. This would lead to higher Level of contribution from each individual towards the goals of his/her organization.

In a competitive environment where there is constant pressure on enhancing individual performance and where ‘producing higher output with lower investment to meet the needs of the customer’ appears to be the name of the game, there is a need for more individuals who are wise rather than knowledgeable. If this game has to be played well, managers have to work. Towards adding value to whatever they do, especially in the roles they play within their organizations. A critical prerequisite for an individual to be able to add value lies in the ability to be a consistent learner all through.

This unique program addresses the major ingredients that contribute toward Embedding Leadership Excellence. While layer sand layers of conditioning have fossilized each one of us, any attempt to bring about a change without touching the very core of the individual would necessarily be superficial. If companies force their vision and values by diktat, managers are likely to pay lip service to them purely a same ans to protect themselves rather than actively internalizing them. Under such circumstances, the commitment of the individual towards organizational values would be very low, affecting the performance of the organization. It is therefore essential to touch the core of the individual to bring about fundamental change.


An award-winning educator, top consultant, leadership coach and author. He is regarded as one of the leading thinkers in the fields of Healthcare Management, Transformative Leadership and Leading in Complexity.

Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. He is one of the few young leaders, who have made a mark for themselves, without having a godfather in the industry. He is a visionary, a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a leader of outstanding qualities. Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj is renowned Author, Speaker and pioneer in hospital and healthcare management. He has created several landmarks in healthcare sector and has written more than 10 reference books on hospital management.

He is honoured by the PRESIDENT OF INDIA & PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. He is the recipient of 10 National, 05 International Awards & 3 National Records in the LIMCA Book of Records. Recently he received National eGovernance Award 2016-17 by Government of India, Limca Book listed him People of the Year 2017, Asia Hospital Management Award 2016, Indian Express Healthcare Management Award 2016. He started his career from DDU Hospital Delhi, Apollo Hospitals Group, Fortis Healthcare Group, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital & Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi. He is the Visiting Professor & Faculty in leading Colleges / Universities like IIM – Lucknow, IIM-Ahmedabad, Global Institute, Amity University, Symbiosis International University, National Board of Examinations etc. He is also Board of Advisory, Jury in many healthcare organizations / management institutes / universities. He has participated in over 550 symposia as “Jury, Faculty,
Chairperson, Key Note Speaker, Chief Guest and panelist” at National & International Level. He is the first in India, who has started the concept of Mountain Medicines & High Altitude Medical Rescue.

He is currently making waves in healthcare industry at Six Sigma Star Healthcare Limited, Delhi (India’s largest healthcare management company managing 328 Hospitals), High Altitude Medical Rescue Services, Six Sigma Healthcare – Monthly Magazine, and Global Institute of Healthcare Management, Delhi, INDIA.

Six Sigma Healthcare, Delhi
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