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Six Sigma Star Work Culture - Approach To Its Varied Assignments

  • We work like an ARMY – always ready for any assignment and to achieve success within the available material and time resources
  • We ensure we understand and document the range and mix of services and key issues influencing our clients.
  • We carefully consider the viability and scope of services and the relationship with other healthcare facilities and agencies in order to enable effective planning.
  • An overview of requirements, quantifying key variables, mix of clinical specialties, support services, auxiliary services etc by our experts.
  • The philosophy and ethos of the care environment is outlined covering issues such as the degree of privacy, confidentiality, social & faith issues and dignity.
  • Characteristics, accessibility and relationship with other healthcare facilities will be described and specific issues or challenges will be assessed and resolved.
  • Integration other facilities like information technology, marketing & branding, patient privacy and confidentiality, expansion strategy, flexibility and shared use of resources, and outsourcing
  • A detailed analysis of each service, department and type with reference to scope & size of services, reference to relevant local requirements, published guidance documents, operational policies, numbers and type of personnel and other relevant issues.

Benefits that our specialists bring to your organization:

  • Minimization of disruption to current services through exceptional communication planning and implementation
  • High impact on client’s services through process improvement
  • Reduction in redo’s, complaints and employee turnover
  • Improvements in Operational Efficiency by minimizing errors in the process
  • Comprehensive support to top management and staff members
  • Co-ordination between all suppliers to ensure smooth workflows and processes at all stages
  • Active follow-up support to establish and improve levels of performance