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Our Core Team

Super Six at Six Sigma Star Healthcare

Our team is a source of light – like stars on earth, always knowledgeable and creative in talk, amiable and co-operative in relations. Our people are the source of our strength. Involvement and team work are our core human values. We believe that, human capital is more important than financial capital.

SIX SIGMA STAR HEALTHCARE family is bound to each other with mutual respect, love and professional knowledge. Team Six Sigma works like an Army courageous and disciplined, ever ready to fight and move against all odds.

BEACONS: Healthcare Industry Experts

Capt. (Retd) R.K Bhardwaj


Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj

CEO & Medical Director

Dr Anita Bhardwaj

Deputy Director

Dr. Ashish Sharma

Additional Director

Dr Bharat Sharma

Deputy Director

Dr Siddhant Sharma

Assistant Director

Dr Baldev Batra

Chief Controller