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    Beginning-to-end process

    Our clients are the investors who seek to develop world-class, high-tech and high-quality hospitals, medical centers and healthcare cities that deliver the best patient care in the world. Six Sigma Star Healthcare Pvt. Ltd has vast experience in developing new healthcare facilities all over India and Other Countries. Our Project Development Service facilitates the beginning-to-end process of planning, designing, commissioning and managing new facilities, services and systems

    New projects – “Green Field” projects
    Renovations / Extensions / Up gradations – “Brown Field” projects
    Feasible Study
    Project Funding – through ‘venture capitalists’
    Constructions Management
    Costing and Budgeting
    Preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various departments.
    Analyzing capacity utilization pattern of various hospital departments – Clinical departments like O.T, ICCU, CSSD, Emergency, OPD, wards support services like diagnostic services, housekeeping & laundry services etc
    Re-organizing departments for optimum performance
    Analyzing capacity utilization of equipments and procurement planning
    Implementation of hospital waste management system and procedure
    Preparing hospitals forms and recording system (I-card, IPD, OPD record files and forms, consent forms etc)
    Medical Record Management: manual & computerized.
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    Six Sigma Healthcare is the only Healthcare Consulting agency into PG Medical education. Six Sigma Star Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a highly respected Healthcare Consultancy company known for its expertise in identifying and evaluating education gaps. As a leader in healthcare education and consulting, we bring you the highest quality information and programs for health care professionals. Six Sigma Star Healthcare Pvt Ltd can provide a variety of Medical education programs as well as advisory boards and continuing education programs. In support of these goals, Six Sigma Star Healthcare Pvt Ltd combines world class service with scientific integrity and outstanding execution. We help Health care Organization(s) to start Medical, Paramedical, and Nursing Education.

    Accreditation Challenge

    Six Sigma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. offer Quality Accreditation consultancy (NABH, JCI and Six Sigma) services to each kind of Healthcare Organization – Laboratories, Blood banks, etc. all over the world to help them understand quality accreditation standards and the complex process of accreditation .we help to improve the standard of Health care services.

    Consumer Products

    “MEDICOLEGAL” is the term, which incorporates the basics of two divergent professions i.e. Medicine and Law. Everybody talks about “the law” but few, aside from lawyers, judges and law teachers, have more than the vaguest notion of what constitutes “law”.
    The average layman often has about as much accurate information about “the law” as he has about medicine – or life on Venus. But, unfortunately, two mutually dependant professional groups, who work together on medico-legal issues, suffer from more ignorance of law and medicine than is good for them – lawyers, at least those who do not constantly deal with medical issues in their legal practice, know very little about the medical profession and its problems; and, physicians comprehend too little about the law and how it affects them in the practice of their profession. This subject does not form a part of the educational curriculum of either of them, so far. Medico legal experts, therefore, provide a link between these two professions for their smooth & effective functioning, on medico-legal issues, in a scientific manner.
    We offer medico-legal consultancy services to hospitals, nursing homes or polyclinics – either on retainer ship basis or on consultation basis. We offer to design forms to avoid negligence.

    Medico Legal Consultancy

    • Consultancy for medico legal problems
    • Second opinion for existing medico legal litigations.
    • Consultancy for hospitals for legal compliance
    • Consultancy for insurance companies
    • Litigation support by Expert Advocate panel

    Medico legal skill development

    • Planning and delivering the Academic Programs : Medico legal CMEs
    • Medico legal skill enhancement programs

    Crisis Prevention and Intervention

    • Certificate Program in Crisis Prevention and Intervention
    • Consultancy support in event of Crisis

    Medication and Conciliation

    • Medication and Conciliation in medico legal problems

    Risk Management

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance supported by expert medico legal team
    • Hospital establishment insurance supported by expert medico legal team
    • Hospital support by establishing effective grievance redressal systems

    Six Sigma Star Health Care Organization is dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with a best-of-breed Materials Management Information System as well as software product and top-quality services as a solution to the challenges of managing inventory, tracking its location, attributing the use of supplies to the respective patient, department or caregiver and optimizing the reorder and replenishment process.


    • Setting-up of the Hospital including Facility Planning and Procurement of Medical Equipments.
    • Market Research in selection of the brands of the Medical Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Medical Furniture and Consumables.
    • Operations and Administration of the Stores
    • Pricing of the Packages and Services

    Planning and Procurement of Medical Items

    • Medical Equipments and Instruments
    • Medical Consumables and Surgical Disposables
    • Laboratory and Diagnostics Consumables
    • General Consumables (Printing & Stationery, Housekeeping, Food & Beverages, Engineering)


    Six Sigma Star HealthCare provides planning, pharmacy management solutions and services to hospitals and healthcare systems worldwide. The company offers pharmacy outsourcing services, including supply chain management, preparation and distribution, clinical services and education, regulatory and quality processes, billing and data management, staffing and staff development, and departmental and fiscal administration; and corporate pharmacy services. The company also provides pharmacy consulting services, including assessment, analysis, implementation, planning, and management services.

    Surface Transport & Logistics – Challenge:

    Our hospital consultancy consists of latest and state-of-the-art modern know-how and expertise for developing healthcare activities for setting up hospitals and Medical Colleges in the areas of Planning, Organization, Marketing and Systems. Our services include facility and equipment planning, financial planning and overall organizational development. We have working experience in the best hospitals and in setting, expanding, renovating and management of large size projects as well as a small, medium hospitals and diagnostic centers.

    We also provide consultancy for setting up of Medical or dental college. We also undertake projects for new medical & dental college project on a turnkey basis.


    Six Sigma Star Healthcare Organization is dedicated to providing integrated marketing, media and management advisory services to clients across the healthcare industry. Our firm is a one-stop solution for Healthcare Organization striving to grow or revitalize their business.

    Six Sigma Star Healthcare Organization offers an extensive portfolio of services that includes Healthcare Marketing, Management, Public Relations, Events and Publication. Staffed by a seasoned team of healthcare marketing, media and management professionals, our firm is in a unique position to understand the specialized needs of the healthcare sector.

    Accepting nothing less than complete fulfillment of its clients’ marketing, media and management goals, Six Sigma Star Health Care Organization is committed to helping healthcare organizations transform themselves into market leaders.

    • Identifying the USPs of a Healthcare Organization
    • Promotion of Hospital by marketing its USPs.
    • Branding of hospital in local and adjoining areas.
    • Analysis of marketing activities data.
    • Formation of strategy for increase in revenue of Hospital.
    • Empanelment & Reputation Building of Hospital with various reputed Corporates and local PSU’s
    • Proper follow up of referral marketing.
    • Regular PR activities.
    • Promotion of hospital with different media of advertisement.
    • Regular hospital promotion activities like CME’s, Conferences, and Camps etc on regular basis.
    • Timely recovery of dues from the empanelled agencies

    Surface Transport & Logistics

    CGHS, ECHS and ESI are the largest agencies of the Central Government for empanelment to provide medical services. Empanelment with these agencies ensures larger foot falls and/or enhanced rates for procedures performed.

    However, the procedure for empanelment with these agencies is rather frustrating and does not encourage many Hospitals to apply for the same. Six Sigma Star Healthcare specializes in not only applying for the same in a seamless approach but also helps in evaluation of the healthcare facilities and accreditation with the agencies concerned in the shortest possible time.


    Beginning-to-end process

    You can count on us for honest answers and cost-effective solutions. We are a vendor-neutral firm that is in the business of helping your business improve uptime, increase infrastructure reliability, reduce operating expenses, evaluate existing equipment & operating conditions, pro-active problem identification, cost-effective repair & upgrade solutions.

    Calibration – Beginning-to-end process

    Equipment from even a well known brand will be ineffective if it is not providing the correct output which is necessary for providing quality of healthcare. The important aspect of Calibration is not given the importance it deserves. Six Sigma Star Healthcare provides all facilities for calibrating the equipment in a hospital to ensure that the clinicians, nursing staff and para-medicals get the best possible equipment, duly calibrated, assuring them of the desired results.


    Beginning-to-end process

    You can count on us for honest answers and cost-effective solutions. We are a vendor-neutral firm that is in the business of helping your business improve uptime, increase infrastructure reliability, reduce operating expenses, evaluate existing equipment & operating conditions, pro-active problem identification, cost-effective repair & upgrade solutions.

    • Manpower planning and Policy making
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Designing compensation system
    • Employee performance evaluation system
    • Identifying training needs and conducting training
    • Discipline, Complaints and redressal Management
    • Personal Documentation, verification and credentialing of employees


    Beginning-to-end process

    In today’s environment of extensive communication avenues and internet, a comprehensive Medical Records Management System is a very strong defence against the medico-legal cases by various agencies. It ensures that the documents are maintained, stored and processed to provide a hedge against any such issues and also helps the Senior Management take knowledge-based decisions.

    We provide comprehensive guidelines and procedures for not only setting up a Medical Records Department but also process the patients’ medical data for calculating various performance indices which help the Senior Management take data based informed decisions.


    Beginning-to-end process

    In the current competitive environment, creation, utilization, and management of knowledge to generate business intelligence in health care organization is a crucial differentiator. Six Sigma Star Healthcare has built capability and robust methodologies to offer Knowledge Management (KM) services to its customers that enable them to transform into knowledge-enabled enterprises.


    Beginning-to-end process

    In public health and community health care settings, we consult with organizations to ensure their transactions with each other are structured to support working together more effectively to meet their objectives in preventing disease and improving preparedness in bioterrorism or other large-scale health disasters. We help communities, healthcare institutions, public health groups, and not-for-profit and government agencies.


    Beginning-to-end process

    Six sigma star Healthcare is a premier provider of IT-based administrative solutions for the healthcare industry. We provide cost effective solutions and services for hospital administration and management, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), medical system integration, and project management, implementation and support.


    Beginning-to-end process

    We firmly believe that health research must not only lead to account of relevant findings but also help us to devise an optimum future course of action. To a great extent, our research design takes into account a comprehensive investigation of the community health problem which could involve: health needs assessment, the gaps between existing interventions and priorities, cost effectiveness and the existing driver and barriers.

    Our research design begins by defining the research problem, review of relevant literature, formulation of specific objectives, development of appropriate research methodology, preparation of work plan for the study, Identification of resource requirements and eventually proposing a future course of action based on the study outcomes. The research is carried out by our research experts with a deep understanding of the context and the relevant issues which could help us in acquiring rare insight and arriving at high-impact interventions.

    Success in healthcare has been a challenge even for both developing as well as the developed world. Accessibility, affordability, and a focus on effective strategies for prevention are critical end goals. Limited resources further reinforce the need to seek innovative approaches and use of technology.

    Our consulting team specializes in conceptualizing and re-modeling clinical as well as public health initiatives taking into account on-the-ground challenges. We firmly believe that the key to any successful program encompasses robust program design, defined measurable clinical and non-clinical outcomes, impactful communication and continuous evaluation. The cross-functional expertise of our diverse team backed with our strong focus on innovation, meticulous execution and rigorous monitoring of the program outcomes sets us apart.